Welcome to the KNGS wiki. You are now a registered member and have full access to the wiki's contents.
This means that you can create, modify and delete pages. Therefore, we would like to ask you to act conscientiously, but do not be afraid of deleting something by mistake. Just go ahead, use the wiki and if anything goes wrong contact the wiki's administrator, he will find a way to recover from any problems.

Quick introduction to the wiki

The wiki is a collaborative platform that relieves the user from having to write HTML code. However, there is still some syntax to learn!

Create a page

Creating a page is as easy as using the text field and corresponding button on the top of the side bar (at the left of every page):
* type the name of the page you want to create
* click the new page button
* at this point you are redirected to the edit mode of the new page where you can start adding content immediately

Within the wii there are categories of pages (see here for a list of all categories ann the pages they have). If you don't specify the category you want to create the page in, then the default category will be used. to specify a different category, you need to prepend the category name to the page name. For example, if you want to create a page called greensoftware under the kngs, you have to enter the string kngs:greensoftware in the page creation text field.

By convention the kngs category is used to host pages related to sharing knowledge within the knowledge network. Everything else (e.g. list of members) should go under the default category.

Edit a page

Editing a page is as easy as clicking the Edit button on that page. The Edit button can be found either at the:

  • Top of the side bar (positioned to the left of every page)
  • The bottom of the page

After clicking the Edit button the page will refresh and at the bottom there will be a form with a large text area where you can type in the content.
On the top of the large text area there are several buttons to help you introduce and format content.
If these buttons are not enough, see the links bellow the large text area that say wiki text quick reference and code snippets collection.

When you are done, you can use the set of buttons at the end of the page to:

  • cancel the last eddition
  • view your changes
  • preview the result of your changes
  • save the changes you made as draft (the changes won't be immediately visible to everyone else)
  • save the changes and continue editing
  • save the changes and exit the editing mode

Whenever you change something on a page, you are invited to provide a short description of the change you made. To do so, type your description in the smaller text area bellow the large text area before you push Save or Save & Continue.

Linking images and other files

If you want to add images to a page, you can use the insert image and insert image wizard buttons.
The insert image button will append some code to the content edition text area and you will have to manually adapt that code.
The inser image wizard button will guide you through the steps needed to add an image to the page.
In short, there are two ways of adding images:

  • you have the image locally on your computer
    1. upload the image and append it to the page you want to use it in
    2. use the wizard to select the image and display it on the page (or write the code to do that manually)
  • the image is already hosted in some other website (possibly
    1. use the wizard to insert the URL of the image and display it on the page (or write the code to do that manually)

To upload a file and append it to a particular page, you can:

  1. open the page you want to append the file to
  2. click the File link at the bottom of every page
  3. follow the instructions

Beware that the file will be referenced by it's name, therefore we advise you to use meaningful, yet simple, names.

Linking any other type of file works the same way as images, but beware that not all types of files are displayable in the page. For some types (e.g. office documents) you should provide a link so that everyone viewing the page can download and open the document on its own computer. To do this, after you have uploaded and appended the document to the page, you create a special link to a file. For example, if you want to link the file members.xls to a page with the explanatory text "this is the list of members" you need to write:

[[file members.xls | this is the list of members]]

Delete a page

There are two ways of deleting a page:

  1. move it to the deleted category
  2. completely remove the page from the wiki

The first option is safer because, if necessary, it is possible to recover the page whereas for the second option that is no longer possible. We advise you to always chose the first option, unless the page has no content and you simply created it for the heck of it.

In principle you can only delete a page that you created, if you see that the wiki does allow you to delete pages you did not create, please contact the wiki's administrator via the form on this [[contact | page].

To delete a page you need to:

  1. click the + Options link at the bottom of the page
  2. this will show more options, one of which is Delete
  3. then follow the instructions and the page will be deleted
Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License