Energy-Efficiency Indicators for e-Services

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Greens San Francisco 2013

Great strides have been made to increase the energy efficiency of hardware, data center facilities, and network infras- tructure. These Green IT initiatives aim to reduce energy-loss in the supply chain from energy grid to computing devices. However, the demand for computation comes from software applications that perform business services. Therefore, to measure and im- prove efficiency for entire systems, energy-efficiency indicators are needed at the level of services.
We have designed an initial set of indicators for energy- efficiency of e-services and we have tested them on two e- government services of the Dutch national government. We explain how these indicators serve as a starting point for energy- optimization initiatives, supported by appropriate contractual agreements between service owners and suppliers.

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The authors thank Frank Hartkamp (Agentschap NL) for inspiring and supporting this research. We also want to thank Dirk Harryvan (Mansystems), Cap Gemini, Equinix, and KPN for their collaboration.

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