Green application hosting presentations
Date May 8
Location Schuberg Philis
Announcement invite
15:00 Welcome and introduction on Knowledge Network
Joost Visser Head of Research SIG and chairman of #KNGS
15:15 Comparing Efficiency of Software Architectures on the back of an envelope
Ot de Wiljes en Funs Kessen Schuberg Philis
15:45 Measuring Energy consumption by using software: Fujitsu MJA Case
Frank van Bokhoven owner Energy Software Solutions B.V.
16:15 Transparency makes datacenter sector stronger
Jan Wiersma Technical Manager EvoSwitch
16:45 Short update on SEFLab
Bo Merkus, CleanTech Researcher HvA Miguel Ferreira, researcher SIG
17:00 Discussion
Moderated by John Post Director Consortium Green IT Amsterdam

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