Workshop: From Green Strategies to Green Actions: how, which and why?
Date 17 October 2011
Location TNO building in Hoofdorp
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On October 17, 40 Software Architects and ICT decision makers gathered at the TNO builing in Hoofddorp for a workshop on GreenIT.

JanWillem Tellegen of the GreenIT Consortium Amsterdam region presented the Urban Green Infrastructure with the 6 focus areas: Green Ocean, Smart City, Green Collar, Green Clouds, Green Data port and Green Software. slides

Joost Visser of SIG introduced the #KNGS Knowlegde Network Green Software , its focus on software and its participants. slides

In an interactive workshop led by Patrica Lago of VU University Amsterdam 40 Software architects and ICT decision makers discussed green strategies for sustainable software-intensive systems. Patrica introduced a model to make green strategies explicit. slides questionnaire

As a part of the workshop Toon Jansen of HEC presented green ICT strategies of the Dutch en UK government. slides

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