Green IT Highlights of the Green Deal in the Netherlands
Date 15-11-2011
Location London, UK

Public Sector Enterprise ICT 2011 PSEICT

Green IT Highlights of the Green Deal in the Netherlands

JW Tellegen presented the Green Deal that will speed up Green IT in the Netherlands starting in the Amsterdam region:

In the Green Deal, as signed on 3 October 2011, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, the City of Amsterdam and Green IT Amsterdam Region agreed on several issues concerning green ICT efforts
As part of the green deal, Green IT Amsterdam Region fosters growth of our service economy and initiates execute innovation projects
6 focus areas are defined: GreenCollars, GreenSoftware, GreenOcean, AmsterdamClouds, GreenDataPort, Smart GridCity
Dr. ir. Anwar Osseyran, Chair of the Green IT Consortium Amsterdam

JW Tellegen replaced Anwar Osseyran,
find the video of his presentation here: VIDEO

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