Signature of Memorandum of Understanding MOU HvA and SIG
Date October 5
Location RembrandtTower

Today G.R.M. van Haarlem (Dean of School of Applied Technology, HvA) and M.J. Wildvank (CEO of Software improvement group) signed the memorandum of understanding between the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA) and SIG about the SEFlab.

At the time of the signing the SEFlab has been operational for 6 months and the first 2 students have graduated. The third student recently started.

The other contributors to the project are SchubergPhilis and GreenITAmsterdam

for questions or if you want to contribute contact ue.gis|srepjiuc.m#ue.gis|srepjiuc.m

for more information about the SEFlab click here

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