Software Energy Footprint Lab: Grand opening
Date February 16, 2012
Location Hogeschool van Amsterdam (Oost en Watergraafsmeer)

The Software Improvement Group (SIG) and the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA) have come together to create the Software Energy Footprint Lab (#SEFLab). Such a lab will enable researchers to investigate questions such as:

  • How do different database management systems compare to each other in terms of energy consumption?
  • How do different programing languages/compilers compare to each other in terms of energy consumption?
  • How does asynchronous requests compare to synchronous requests in terms of energy consumption?
  • How does unsigned integer arithmetic operations compare to signed arithmetic operations with respect to energy consumption?
  • How accurate are software energy profiling tools?

To this end, the laboratory will have computers specially rigged with sensors to measure the flow of electric current into each of the computer's components. Then, while specially crafted programs or generic benchmarks run, the sensors will report on where the current is flowing to and how much of it is flowing to each component.
This is where the knowledge of electronics from the HvA students comes together with the knowledge of software of SIG.

The #SEFLab is starting this year and our mutual expectation is that it continues to host new students from the HvA in the coming years. We also expect that both researchers and practitioners join us in defining more research questions, in designing better experiments, or join us in discussions around this topic. The #SEFLab is open to anyone interested in this topic. If that's your case don't hesitate in contacting us!


  • Miguel Ferreira - SIG Researcher - ue.gis|arierref.m#ue.gis|arierref.m

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