Joost Visser (Chairman KNGS)

  • j {DOT} visser {AT} sig {DOT} eu

Michiel Cuijpers (Secretary KNGS)

  • m {DOT} cuijpers {AT} sig {DOT} eu

Start team members

Meindert Jebbink (Rabobank)

  • m {DOT} w {DOT} jebbink {AT} rn {DOT} rabobank {DOT} nl

Evert Bloemendal (Rabobank)

  • e {DOT} w {DOT} bloemendal {AT} rn {DOT} rabobank {DOT} nl

Freek Bomhof (TNO)

  • freek {DOT} bomhof {AT} tno {DOT} nl

Leonard Plucinski (Capgemini)

  • leonard {DOT} plucinski {AT} capgemini {DOT} com

Frank Hartkamp (Min ELI / AGNL)

  • frank {DOT} hartkamp {AT} agentschapnl {DOT} nl

Jan Willem Tellegen (Green IT Amsterdam)

  • jwt {AT} greenitamsterdam {DOT} nl

Patricia Lago (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

  • p {DOT} lago {AT} vu {DOT} nl

Joost Visser (SIG)

  • j {DOT} visser {AT} sig {DOT} eu

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